Other Writings

Selected Journalism

Learning From the Pesky, Adaptive, Remarkable Coyotes” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, January 25, 2018.
The Social Fabric of Forest Soil” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Nov 24, 2017.
The Great Irony of the County Fair,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Sept 1, 2017.
So You Think You Can Do Without Health Insurance?” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, July 23, 2017.
Welcome to the American Yard Sale,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, July 14, 2017.
Tagging Along with a Beaver Trapper,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, May 5, 2017.
Contemplating Our Founding Documents and What They Mean,” March 14, 2017 The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Dec. 5, 2017.
The Beauty and Power of Becoming a US Citizen,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Feb. 8, 2017.
Know Your Chickens — and Your Eggs,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Dec. 5, 2016.
Apple Season is Just One More Reason to Buy Local” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, October 5, 2016.
Why I Teach” The Boston Globe Opinion Page, August 10, 2016.
“Legacy of December 7 Remains Troubling, ” Columbus Dispatch, Dec 1, 1991.
“Returning,” Winds, Magazine, Spring, 1992.
“The Chrysanthemum and the Buckeye,” Ohio Magazine, Nov. 1992. (15, no.8)
“The Road Through Miyama” (cover story), Studio Potter, Dec. 1, 1989.
“Rice Magazine: Asian Amerian Staple,” Christian Science Monitor, “Arts and Leisure” July 7, 1988.
“Tourism on the Upswing in Harlem,” Christian Science Monitor, “Arts and Leisure” Nov. 24, 1987.
“Farewell to Van Gogh,” The Daily Yomiuri, Dec. 4, 1987.
“From The Vocabulary of Ugliness,” The Daily Yomiuri, Nov. 29, 1987.
“Working Class Kabuki,” The Daily Yomiuri, Nov. 28, 1987.
“One Person Says ‘Can Do’,” The Daily Yomiuri, Nov. 22, 1987.
“Van Gogh’s Irises Brings 53.9 Million?” Nov. 13, 1987.
“Americans See Advantages of Cross Cultural Training,” The Daily Yomiuri, August 8, 1987.


Selected Essays

“Pathmakers: Women in Art, Craft and Design, Midcentury and Today at the Museum of Art and Design,” Art Critical, Sept. 11, 2015.
“A Ceramic Fairytale: Chigusa and the Art of Tea in Japan,” Art Critical, Jan. 18, 2015.
“Islands of Clay: Toshiko Takaezu, 1922- 2011” Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas, Issue 1, March 2015, Brill / Asian/Pacific American Institute, New York University.
“Geography of the Imagination,” The Sculpture of Garth Evans: Beneath The Skin, Philip Wilson Publishing. London, Publication date: March 22, 2013.
“Necessary Angel” & “Shagbark,” Riverteeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, Vol 13, Issue 2, Ashland University, October 2011.
“Sixteen Years,” Why We’re Here: New York Essayists on Living Upstate, edited by Bob Cowser, Colgate University Press, Fall 2010.
“Rooted in the Land” and “Morning Chores,” (book chapter 11) Lift Thine Eyes, NMH Press, Mount Hermon, Mass, Sept. 2010.
“Ceramics: A Wary Regard for Tradition,” Art in America, November 2007.
“Sun Farm” Our Town, Claverack, NY Issue #8, June 2007.
“Indra’s Net,” Arts and Letters (under review), read at “Giving Voice: Conference on Memoir, Trinity College, Hartford, CT.,March 29 –31, 2007.
“Mary McCarthy: Story First Then Confession,” Tampa Review, volume 33, summer, 2007.
“Its All About Swamps: Why Wetlands Matter,” Our Town, Claverack, NY Issue #5, 2006.
“Hidden in Plain Sight,” Our Town, Claverack, NY Issue #4, May 2005.
“North Sixth Street,” Garth Evans: Materials Being Catalogue, Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA., Novermber 2004 – February 2005.
“Santa in Claverack,” Our Town, Claverack, NY Issue #3, December 2004.
“Home” Our Town: Claverack, NY. Issue #2, October 2004.
“Everett Nack: Last of the Shad Fishermen?” Our Town Claverack, NY, issue #1, June 2004.
“A Tie That Binds,” New York Archives, vol.2 no.2, Fall 2002.
“In the Hollow of His Hand,” Hudson Valley Regional Review, September 2000.
“Commuting,” Columbia, School of the Arts Magazine, April 1997.
“The Road Back,” Mahora, Gyosei Publishing Corporation, Tokyo, July, 1993.


Poetry and Lyric Essay

“Shipwreck,” Punctuate, Issue 2, Columbia College, 2018.
“Water Rising,” Riverteeth, Vol 15, Issue 2, Ashland University, March 2014.
“Shagbark,” Riverteeth, Vol 13, Issue 2, Ashland University, October 2011.
“Necessary Angel,” Riverteeth, Vol 13, Issue 2, Ashland University, October 2011.
“Black Bowl Dreaming”, anthologized in The Earth in Bloom, Meam Publishing, December 2006.
Heart of Flame Documentary on the work of Otani Shiro, 1993. 90 minutes. Produced by NHK (Japanese public television) and Right Stuff Video corporation. Japanese dialogue translated to English.


“Green Tea,” Creating Nonfiction, edited by Becky Bradway Beford/ St. Martins Press, spring 2008.
“River of Life,” in A Woman’s Passion for Travel, edited by Marybeth Bond and Pamela Michael (Traveler’s Tales Books, September 1999).
“Rice Harvest,” in Japan: True Stories of Life on the Road, edited by Donald W. George (Traveler’s Tales Books, September 1999).
“ Paddling Right” in Writing Down the River, edited by Kathleen Ryan, Gretel Ehrlich (Northland Press, March 1997).
Winner of the Willa Cather Literary Award for Memoir and Essay
Also anthologized in Family Travel: The Farther You Go the Closer You Get, edited by Laura Manske (Traveler’s Tales Books, May 1999).
“Nagata-san” excerpt from The Road Through Miyama, Maiden Voyages, Writings of Women Travelers, edited by Mary Morris, (Vintage Books, 1993).