College of the Holy Cross

Professor – Creative Writing and Literature Creative Writing Program, Department of English

Graduate Wordshops & Writing Conferences

Stonecost Low residency MFA program (2008-2009)

Fairfield University Low residency MFA program (2010-2012)
Ashland University Low residency MFA program (2011-present)

Workshops in Writing & Researching Family History

Philosophy of Teaching

If I were to describe my philosophy of teaching in terms of writing, I would say it is a narrative that I am constantly revising. Each time I teach I am learning. While my ideas, methods and approaches to the teaching of writing develop each time that I enter a new workshop or seminar or begin the journey of mentoring a student, my approach stems from and illuminates a central philosophy. I believe that each of us is unique and that, being unique, each of us has infinite value. My aim as a teacher is to make this simple fact evident. I draw my philosophy of teaching from this belief and from the conviction that what we really learn and retain, we learn not from what other people tell us, but from what we are able to tell ourselves.


Visiting Graduate Faculty Mentor at Ashland University